Why Hire a Public Adjuster – Chicago Adjusters and How They Help Their Clients

When it comes to finding an experienced and knowledgeable public adjuster, Chicago residents benefit from the best adjusters in the entire state. With one of these dedicated professionals, proving your case and obtaining the compensation you want becomes much easier – here are a few details about how public adjusters work and they can help you.


The Role of the Public Adjuster


Public adjusters are independent insurance specialists hired by the owner of the damaged property to assist the owner during the process of filing the insurance claim as well as during the negotiations with the insurance company’s adjuster. Public adjusters act on behalf of the property owner and they work for a commission calculated as a percentage of the amount received by the property owner in compensation, so it is in the public adjuster’s best interest to obtain the highest possible amount for his or her client.


What a Public Adjuster Does


Public adjusters start the collaboration with their clients by reviewing the cases and then taking over the tasks related to paperwork and negotiations. Your insurance adjuster Chicago offers will help you prepare the case file, submit the documents in a timely manner and will also talk to the adjuster assigned to the case by the insurance company in order to settle the case with the best and the quickest results possible.


When it is Recommended to Hire a Public Adjuster


Public adjusters are usually hired for high-value property damage, such as for claims values from 10,000 dollars upwards, but there is no lower limit for hiring a public adjuster and some of them take cases that are much smaller, too. It is recommended that the public adjuster be called very early on during the case to allow him or her to meet the insurance company’s adjuster right at the beginning.


Another scenario when public adjusters are called in is when the negotiations with the insurer have come to a halt, mostly because the owner of the insured property asks for a higher amount in compensation than the insurer is willing to provide and the parties cannot reach an agreement. If this is your case, too, you must know that involving a public adjuster relatively late, when you have already started the claims process might considerably slow the process, delaying the settlement.


The Benefits of Hiring Public Adjusters


Hiring a public adjuster comes with many advantages:

  • You get valuable assistance with everything related to your claim, so you don’t need to do it all by yourself, having to deal with extensive paperwork and to interpret difficult to understand laws
  • Your adjuster is able to handle even the toughest negotiators, so you don’t have to deal with potential conflicts
  • Your adjuster will know how to obtain a higher compensation for you – if getting more money is possible, your public adjuster will get it for you.


When hiring a public adjuster, Chicago clients must be aware that they will have to pay their adjuster a commission, usually between 5-20% from the compensation they receive, but the higher compensation and the claims process made relatively easy are probably worth it.