Types of Wild Game Meat for Sale You Simply Have to Look Into

Game meat has long been popular worldwide, and the main types of wild game meat for sale are still available just about anywhere you go. In gastronomy, the term “game” refers to any type of animal that isn’t domesticated.

From the smallest birds to the largest bison and alligator, there are many different types of game meat you can get. Depending on price, size, popularity, taste and nutritional consistency, we’ll take a look at some of the best types you might want to look into.

The Allure of Game Meat

boar steak served on metal plate with carrots Game meat has been around ever since the stone age, and it’s not about to go anywhere anytime soon. Hunting enthusiasts continue to hunt for wild animals for their meet, and in many areas, companies specializing in capturing game humanely and preparing the meat for sale, operate in full legality.

Venison, elk and deer, as well as alligator, rabbit, duck and pheasant are just a few of the most popular varieties of wild game meat for sale at a relatively affordable cost – when compared to the rarest types of game. You can find these online and at some local shops that specialize in wild game meat.

Categories to Consider

Finding wild game meat for sale more easily will depend on your knowledge of the types of wild game that might be available. That being said, let’s take a closer look at the three main categories of game meat that hunters and aficionados typically look at:

  1. The first and smallest category is that of small birds, such as the quail and the thrush. These aren’t always cheaper per serving than other game meat, but they can certainly be delicious.
  2. Winged game also has a place in the “game proper” category, where larger species of birds have their place, such as the wild pheasant, duck, woodcock or partridge. Another game proper subcategory is that of small mammals such as the hare, squirrel and rabbit.
  3. Finally, we have the big game category. This is where all the largest wild animals normally hunted for game reside. Some of the most well-known specimens include the caribou, moose, deer, venison and elk.

All types of game meat can fall into one of these categories. Depending on what you want specifically, you’ll find the following choices to be among the most practical and delicious.

The Best Types of Game Meat 

There are many factors that might cause experts to consider certain types of game meat among the best. For example, digestion is important, since some types of game – such as hare – contains elements that make it somewhat more resistant to digestion. In this regard, the meat of young game should be considered most frequently.

Overall popularity is also an essential factor. Some game, such as venison, pheasant and wild boar are considered delicacies. Others, like bear, used to be popular among North American hunters and trappers, and is still a significant part of North American heritage today.

Young hare and rabbit is probably among the most popular types of wild game meat for sale, primarily due to its rich flavor and consistency, but also because it was always one of the types of game that was easiest to catch.