In Search of the Most Exciting Things to Do in West Milford NJ

While looking for things to do in West Milford NJ, you’ll find that many areas within and around the city are frequently visited by travelers and tourists from all around the country. With a few exceptional destinations that will take you by surprise, West Milford is a welcoming city where you’ll never truly get bored.


Briefly About West Milford NJ


The township of West Milford in New Jersey’s Passaic County is noted for its long history and exceptionally beautiful natural landscapes. Only about 28,000 inhabitants live here, but the town is often extremely active with tourists and visitors interested in the old historic sites and the stunning natural hiking trails it has to offer.


West Milford actually predates the creation of the Passaic County, having been initially settled in an area that used to be a part of the Bergan County and instated as an official municipality as early as 1834. Today it’s one of the friendliest and most historically rich places you can visit in New Jersey.


The Best Hiking Trails in the Area


One of the most exciting things to do in West Milford NJ is to go hiking. The surrounding landscape is extremely rich and inviting, and some of the trails are also quite challenging, while others allow you the opportunity to explore nature just for the fun of it.


The NYNJ Trail Conference has recently had a hand in mending the bridges to some of the most interesting hiking trails in the area, after they were swept away by hurricane Sandy. So you can be sure that local assistance will never be slow to arrive when you’re going on a hiking trip here.


The fall foliage of some of the most fascinating and challenging hikes in the region will take your breath away, and places like Stairway to Heaven will inspire you especially when choosing challenging hikes like the one that takes you all the way to the Pinwheel Vista view.


A Historic Pre-Civil War Remnant


If you’re more into history, and are looking for anything that predates the Civil War, then West Milford will not disappoint you. The area has several well-preserved historic places, none of which more interesting than what the Long Pond Ironworks State Park has to offer.


History buffs will love the park’s old remaining historical artifacts and places dating back to the ironworks operating days of the late 1700s. Here you’ll find furnaces and wheels dating back to the period between 1766 and 1886, when the area was bustling with activity. Also, a local museum and visitor center will provide you with all the historic data you need for a truly memorable pastime.


The Warwick Drive In


For anyone interested in the ultimate entertainment experience, a drive-in movie can be the best, and your experience will just get better by the minute at the Warwick Drive In. This old-fashioned drive in will take you back in time to the years when going to see a movie used to be considered a special event and a welcomed pastime.


However, the Warwick Drive In combines that quaint and somewhat classical love for watching movies with delicious food, a tranquil area and large, crystal clear screens that will present you with the best picture quality that modern technology can offer.