Should You Rent A Photo Booth for Your Wedding?

Tips For Fun Wedding Ideas

There are lots of components that are indispensable for a successful wedding – you need a venue, food and beverages, a dress and a bouquet, a DJ or a band, a photographer or a videographer and, more recently, you also need a photo booth. One of the newest additions to wedding party must-have lists, the photo booth is an item that does not burden the wedding party budget too much, but you can rely on it to set the mood for a great party and to cheer up even guests who seem to be under the weather and not having a very good time. Here are a few more answers to the question “should you rent a photo booth for your wedding?”, a few of the benefits that you can enjoy if you rent a photo booth for your wedding party and a few tips about how to pick the best booth.

Great for All Ages

Kids and seniors, teens and adults will all enjoy putting on the fun accessories and using the funny props that come with the photo booth and taking pics as they pull funny faces and laugh.

Keepsakes of a Special Night

The photos taken in the booth can be taken home by your guests to remind them of your great wedding party and you will also have some for your albums.

Great Modern Technology

Many photo booths nowadays use connected technology, allowing your guests to post the photos on their social media profiles instantly, to add hashtags and to retrieve the pics later if they want to store on a computer or to burn them on a CD or DVD.

Encourages Mingling

A photo booth encourages your guests to get up from their chairs and move around and the queues that usually form in front of the photo booth provides great opportunities for people to get to know each other, to socialize, to share jokes and laughs, so a photo booth is great for making new friendships and it will make the entire party much more informal.

How to Choose the Best Booth for Your Wedding

The term photo booth no longer means only one type of large box fitted with a camera – it can mean many things, many different types of booths and many different levels of equipment. The first thing you need to decide is whether you need a booth for an outdoor wedding or one for indoors. Completely self-contained booths are probably the best for any type of venue. Photo booths are varied in terms of the props and accessories provided with them, too – while boas, funny sunglasses and hats are usually staple accessories, many companies offer various other funny accessories, too.

The next thing to decide is whether you need special features. Today’s booths can be equipped with lots of extras, such as large displays outside the booth to show the guests outside what is going on inside the booth, take a look at some of the Colorado party rentals before making a decision.

The Bottom Line

A photo booth is a great, versatile party accessory that will make the entire event less stressful for the newly married couple as well – knowing that there is a device on site that can cheer up and bring together everyone is surely relieving.